Poor Posture Treatment in Visalia – Who Can Help?

Poor Posture Treatment in Visalia

When it comes to spinal pain, posture is a factor.  If you are searching for poor posture treatment in Visalia or Hanford, we can help.  Read to learn more about posture problems and how to address them.

Lower back pain is an extremely common issue, with 13.1% of US adults having chronic back pain, 4%-25% of the Canadian adult population, and around 28 million adults suffering from it in the UK alone. While there are many potential causes, research increasingly shows that poor posture is a major contributing factor for many people. In this blog post, we’ll summarize some of the key takeaways from a recent Guardian article on how posture impacts back pain. Reference

Some Basics About Spinal Posture

The spine has natural curves that serve an important purpose. These curves work like a coiled spring to absorb shock and impact. When our posture is off, it can lead to exaggerated curves that put extra strain on the structures of the spine. This added pressure over time can lead to back pain and other issues.

What Exactly is Good Posture?

So what constitutes good posture? Proper alignment calls for having the ears stacked over the shoulders and the shoulders over the hips. The neck should curve slightly inward, the mid-back region slightly outward, and the lower back curve slightly inward again. Posture tends to get worse as we age.  The curves become accentuated, adding torque, compression, and tension to the elements of the spine that keep it together.  So maintaining this ideal alignment requires consistency and effort.  This includes awareness, stretching, strengthening, and avoiding repetitive habits that lead to poor posture.

Contributors to Poor Posture

There are many habits that contribute to poor posture, especially in today’s technology-driven world. Slouching at a desk, hunching over a phone, and even things as simple as crossing legs when seated can throw off the spine’s natural curves over time. Correcting these issues by stacking the spine properly and using simple techniques to maintain good alignment of the pelvis and the back throughout the day, can help.

How Can the Physical Therapists with Poor Posture Treatment in Visalia?

When it comes to neck or lower back pain treatment, addressing posture is key. Physical therapists can assess where misalignments exist and provide personalized exercises and stretches to improve postural habits. Techniques like the McKenzie Method can also help educated patients about postural dysfunctions and provide them with specific techniques that they can perform independently. Even simple cues like straightening up against a wall or pulling the shoulders back while seated can be helpful reminders.

There is a Link Between Posture & Pain…and We Can Help You Break It

In summary, this article highlights the strong link between posture and back pain. Maintaining the spine’s natural alignment requires vigilance but can reduce strain and tension. By making posture a priority and utilizing professional help where needed, many instances of back pain can potentially be avoided or corrected.

So, if you are in need of poor posture treatment in Visalia here, give us a call.

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