Dr. Chad Rieckenberg, Physical Therapist

Dr. Chad Rieckenberg


  • Graduate Joint Doctoral Program, UC, San Francisco – CSU, Fresno, Doctoral Degree, Physical Therapy
  • Graduate California State University, Fresno, Master’s degree, Physical Therapy
  • CSU, Fresno BS Interdisciplinary Health and Rehabilitation Services
  • Graduate Assistant, CSU, Fresno Musculoskeletal Clinic
  • Graduate Assistant, CSU, Fresno Master’s Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation Course

Clinical Research and Case Studies

  • Research:
    • Prediction of falls during preferred and fast walking. 2011
    • Using preferred and fast walking to determine fall risk. 2012
  • Case Studies:
    • Treatment of a 24 year old Army ROTC student with (L) ankle sprain and evolving ITB friction syndrome. 2011
    • Treatment of a 36 year old, correctional guard with cervical radiculopathy. 2012