Overuse and Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repeatedly performing certain motions can produce pain and dysfunction over time Most injuries will fall into one of two categories: acute and overuse. Acute injuries usually result from a single, traumatic event, such as a fall, slip, or collision with another athlete or object. Some common examples of acute injuries include wrist fractures, ankle sprains, […]

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Physical Therapy After Neck Surgery in Hanford or Visalia

Bouncing back from neck surgery requires the individualized care of a physical therapist Neck pain is the third most common cause of chronic pain in the country, placing only behind back pain and headaches in this ranking. Figures vary, but it’s been reported that up to 50% of the population will experience an episode of […]

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Physical Therapy After Shoulder Surgery in Visalia or Hanford

physical therapy after shoulder surgery in Visalia

Searching for physical therapy after shoulder surgery in Visalia or Hanford?  We can help – read more below. If you decide to have shoulder surgery, physical therapy is an integral part of the recovery process The shoulder is an incredible joint. As the only joint in the body that can rotate a full 360°, the […]

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Physical Therapy After Knee Surgery in Visalia & Hanford

physical therapy after knee surgery in Visalia

Committing to physical therapy after knee surgery will boost your outcomes The knees are built for durability, but they also take on a fairly constant array of strain throughout the course of a normal day. When structures within the knee joint are pushed past their limits, they can become damaged through various injuries. And due […]

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Benefits of PT Over Other Interventions for Pain

Seeing a physical therapist first will save you time and money while helping you avoid unnecessary tests and interventions Every October, physical therapists around the country come together to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month. The purpose of this annual campaign is to highlight the many ways that physical therapy can benefit individuals of all ages […]

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Chronic Pain Treatment Visalia – Is Surgery a Good Idea?

chronic pain treatment visalia

Chronic Pain Treatment Visalia – Evidence to support surgery for chronic pain conditions is severely lacking October is National Physical Therapy Month, an annual campaign intended to increase awareness of the countless and wide-reaching benefits of physical therapy. Among these is the fact that physical therapy is one of the best treatment options available for […]

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Physical Therapy to Treat Knee Osteoarthritis

physical therapy for knee arthritis not injections

Study shows that physical therapy produces greater improvements than injections for knee arthritis In our last blog, we discussed the prevalence of knee osteoarthritis and examined the role of imaging tests in the diagnosis and follow up of patients with this condition. We also explored why seeing physical therapist for knee pain first is always […]

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Knee Arthritis Treatment in Hanford

Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment in Hanford

For knee arthritis treatment in Hanford, we suggest you skip the imaging test and start physical therapy right away instead If you are searching for options for knee arthritis treatment in Hanford, read on.  I’d like to share with you why our type of treatment is what you should try first. Knee pain can be […]

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