Looking for Neck Treatment in Visalia or Hanford?

looking for neck pain treatment in Visalia

Seeing one of our physical therapists early for your neck pain  can help save you money and can reduce your use of healthcare.  Below are the reasons why. You’re Not Alone – Neck Pain is Common After back pain and headaches, neck pain is the third most common cause of chronic—or long-lasting—pain.  The prevalence of neck […]

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Meniscus Tear Treatment in Visalia

Meniscus Tear Treatment in Visalia Is Our Specialty

If you recently suffered a meniscus tear, and are looking for knee treatment in Visalia, recent research shows we can help. If you have a meniscus tear and have been told that surgery is the only answer, that’s not accurate.  Surgery is not always necessary after a meniscus tear.  In fact, specific types of tears, […]

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Rotator Cuff Tendinitis Treatment in Visalia

If you are looking for rotator cuff tendinitis treatment in Visalia, you’re not alone. Many shoulder issues are caused by rotator cuff tendinitis that require physical therapy The rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that attach to the bones of the shoulder joint, and it is essential for allowing the shoulder to […]

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Rehabilitation After A Broken Wrist in Visalia

A wrist fracture can really slow you down.  If you are looking for rehabilitation after a broken wrist in Visalia, Bacci & Glinn PT can help.  Our physical therapy treatment can play is very important in assisting patients with a full recovery after a wrist fracture. The wrist is a complex joint in which 15 […]

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Tennis Elbow or Golfers Elbow – Natural Treatment is our Expertise

  Do you know someone that is looking for tennis elbow treatment in Visalia?  How about a golfers elbow treatment in Visalia? We understand.  Elbow pain is a common complaint in avid tennis players and golfers, but some simple strategies from a physical therapist can correct these problems Tennis and golf are popular recreational sporting […]

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