Squid Compression

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Provides Relief & Recovery by Design

Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

Squid is designed to provide tremendous relief from muscle and joint pain.

This may allow users to reduce dependency on pain medication, perform everyday tasks that were previously painful, and enjoy walking, running, skiing, playing tennis, golf and other sports again

Injury Recovery

Squid revolutionizes injury recovery by combining sequential intermittent compression with cold treatment to provide maximum results.

Squid drives the cold treatment deep into the tissue, reducing swelling and directing fluids away from the treated area towards the heart. Swelling is reduced, thereby improving blood flow to the injured tissue and delivering much needed nutrients and oxygen.

Performance Recovery

Squid's patent pending sequential intermittent compression assists many world-class athletes in post-workout and post-performance recovery.

Squid can be used in many ways: from elbow wraps for tendonitis, to shoulder wraps for pitchers, to leg wraps for runners and soccer players. Squid is designed to speed up performance recovery by helping remove lactic acid and other metabolites from muscles.

Powerful, Portable Recovery

Relief & Recovery Powered By Sequential Intermittent Compression

With Squid, you’ll immediately feel the benefits of sequential intermittent compression. While Squid drives cold deep into the joints and muscles, the unique multi-chambered design of our wraps effectively reduce pain and swelling in only 15 minutes.

Squid Pump

The portable and rechargeable Squid Pump provides intermittent air pressure to the air bladders within the wraps to create sequential intermittent compression. The inflation/deflation cycle times are automatically programmed to create the most effective treatment at any level of compression during the 15 minute treatment time.

For user comfort, the Squid Pump is programmed with 4 different compression modes, which have different peak pressure levels and inflation/deflation cycles. The pump’s durable outside makes it easy for travel and cleaning without fear of damage.

  • Small size and lightweight (under 1 lb)
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Good for up to 50 uses on one full charge
  • Offers 4 levels of compression

Squid Wraps

The ergonomically designed Squid Wraps provide sequential intermittent compression through multi-chambered air bladders within the wrap. This directs edema/swelling away from the affected area and towards the heart.

Sequential intermittent compression helps increase blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, which aids in the recovery process.

Squid Wraps are made from durable, easy to clean, anti-bacterial materials. The wrap is available in six different configurations, each designed for a specific part of the body.

  • Sequential Intermittent Compression
  • Ergonomically Designed
  • Directs swelling away from the injury and towards the heart
  • Increases circulation and tissue oxygenation
  • Durable, easy to clean, anti-bacterial materials

Squid Gel Packs

Squid Gel Packs use a proprietary gel formula that allows the gel pack to maintain its shape. The gel pack is able to conform specifically to a treatment area for maximum results.

Our gel pack freezes at a lower temperature than water, which allows for a shorter, more effective treatment than other methods. With Squid Gel Packs, there is no melting or mess, so clean-up from a treatment is a breeze.

  • Proprietary gel formula
  • Gel freezes colder than water
  • Doesn't melt or make a mess
  • Conforms to a treatment area for maximum results
  • Easy to clean materials
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